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Sunday, March 29th 2015
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Georgia Institute of Technology
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Permit / Overload Departmental Contact List

Course Overloads/Permit Request Web Page or Contact Info
AE www.ae.gatech.edu/academics/overloads/permits
APPH Joy Daniell, 404-894-3986, 113 Weber Bldg, joy.daniell@ap.gatech.edu
Overloads for APPH 1040 must be requested during Phase II Registration via OSCAR only.
ARBC www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-overload-requests/
ARCH Robin Tucker, Room 354 Arch West, phone 404-894-1213, robin.tucker@coa.gatech.edu
BC Jacquelyn Strickland, 404-385-7089 jstrickland@coa.gatech.edu
BIOL Permit requests should be emailed to the course instructor.
This department has Waitlisting enabled for some sections.
BMED Freshmen permits, Kim Paige, kim.paige@bme.gatech.edu
Soph. - Senior permits, Paul Fincannon, paul.fincannon@bme.gatech.edu
Graduate permits, email course instructor with request, gtID, and CRN and copy Shannon Sullivan (shannon.sullivan@bme.gatech.edu) who will enter the permit after instructor grants approval.
CEE Via OSCAR only
CETL Felicia Turner, felicia.turner@cetl.gatech.edu
CHBE Ami Waller-Ivanecky, 404-894.2865, ami.ivanecky@chbe.gatech.edu
This department has Waitlisting enabled for some sections.
CHEM www.chemistry.gatech.edu/undergraduate/permits/
This department has Waitlisting enabled for some sections.
CHIN www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests
CRP Contact jawaan.wallace@coa.gatech.edu or come to room 204 of the Arch Building-East. Phone 404-894-2352
COA 1011, 1060, and 1012 Robin Tucker, Room 354 Arch West, phone 404-894-1213, robin.tucker@coa.gatech.edu
CS For information regarding restrictions see http://www.cc.gatech.edu/regdates
All Overloads via OSCAR
Phase I, undergraduate degree candidates contact: cc-undergraduatepermits@lists.gatech.edu
CSE All Overloads via OSCAR
Undergraduate degree candidates contact: cc-undergraduatepermits@lists.gatech.edu
EAS Via OSCAR only
ECE https://secure2.ece.gatech.edu/PHP/overloads_permits/
This department has Waitlisting enabled for some sections.
ENGL No overloads, for more information contact registration@lcc.gatech.edu.
FREN www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests
GRMN www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests
GT 1000 Dr. Nirmal Trivedi, gt1000@gatech.edu, 404-385-7648
HIST www.hts.gatech.edu/undergraduate/overloads-permits
HPS Joy Daniell, 404-894-3986, 113 Weber Bldg,  joy.daniell@ap.gatech.edu
HTS www.hts.gatech.edu/undergraduate/overloads-permits
ID Troy Whyte, room 252 of the West Architecture Building, 404-894-4874, troy.whyte@coa.gatech.edu
JAPN www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests
KOR www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-overload-requests/
LCC Submit to the OSCAR override request system and specific queries may be directed to registration@lcc.gatech.edu
LING www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests
MATH Via OSCAR only. www.math.gatech.edu/academics/undergraduate/permits
This department has Waitlisting enabled for some sections.
ME Via OSCAR only
MGT Undergraduate courses: http://scheller.gatech.edu/degree-programs/undergraduate/student-services/index.html
Graduate courses: Julia Snell, julia.snell@scheller.gatech.edu
The Scheller College of Business does not issue overloads nor do we waive prerequisites.
ML www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests
MSE www.mse.gatech.edu/overload-requests
MSL Jana Ragsdale, 404-894-9936. jana.ragsdale@rotc.gatech.edu
MUSI Corissa Jones, 404-894-8949. corissa.jones@music.gatech.edu
NRE Via OSCAR only
PERS www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-overload-requests/
PHYS Andrew Scherbakow, Room W111 Howey, 404-894-5228, andrew.scherbakov@physics.gatech.edu
POL www.spp.gatech.edu/overload
PST www.spp.gatech.edu/overload
PSY Jan Westbrook, 404-894-0886, 152 Coon,jw54@prism.gatech.edu
PTFE Shirley Manchester, 404-894-2850, shirley.manchester@mse.gatech.edu
PUBP www.spp.gatech.edu/overload
RUSS www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests
SOC www.hts.gatech.edu/undergraduate/overloads-permits
SPAN www.modlangs.gatech.edu/student-resources/permit-and-overload-requests

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