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Saturday, December 20th 2014
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General Information

1. What is the minimum GPA required to graduate?

** Please note, your academic department may require a higher GPA for graduate degrees.**

  • The minimum GPA required for graduating with an undergraduate degree is 2.0
  • The minimum GPA required for graduating with a Master or Master of Science degree is 2.7
  • The minimum GPA required for graduating with a PhD degree is 3.0.
2. Who is eligible for honors and how are they calculated?

Honors apply only to undergraduates who have completed at least 60 semester hours in residence at Georgia Tech. In order to receive degree honors, graduates must have the following GPA:

  • 3.15 for HONOR
  • 3.35 for HIGH HONOR
  • 3.55 for HIGHEST HONOR

Grades earned for the graduating term will affect honors. GPA's are not rounded up (Example: A GPA of 3.149 is not rounded to 3.15).

The first notice of possible honors will appear approximately one week after "Drop Day" of your graduating term. Honors will be recalculated following the processing of final grades. This recalculation will take into consideration any grade changes submitted to the Registrar's Office during your graduating term. Your correct honors will be noted on your diploma and on your transcript.

Please note that the distribution of honor cords for commencement and the notation of tentative honors in the commencement program are based on whether the student meets the minimum number of hours (60) and the required minimum GPA for the three levels of honor at the time they enter their graduating term. In other words, honors at commencement are based on the hours accumulated and the GPA that exists at the beginning of the graduating term. Your final honors will be determined after final grades are audited.

3. What are the responsibilities of the Degree Certification Staff in the Registrar's office?

The Degree Certification Staff in the Office of the Registrar is responsible for evaluating degree candidates and certifying that all graduation requirements have been met prior to the awarding of degrees.

Commencement & Diploma

1. When is Summer Commencement?
The Commencement Office has updated its Summer Commencement policy. Visit www.commencement.gatech.edu/summer-graduate-information/ for more information.
2. How do I order a duplicate diploma?

Should you ever need a replacement copy of your diploma complete the following request form. There is a $100 replacement fee, plus mailing.

3. When will my diploma arrive?

Diplomas are printed by an outside company and it normally takes 6-8 weeks after Commencement to be printed and mailed.

4. Which degree candidates will be allowed to participate in the commencement exercise?

Students who are active degree candidates at the time of commencement are eligible to participate in the ceremony.

5. Where do I get information about caps, gowns, invitations, photographs and commencement day activities?

Toward the middle of your graduating term, you will receive a packet from the Special Events Office located in the Wardlaw Building. This packet will provide detailed information about the commencement ceremony. Visit the Special Events - GT Commencement website www.gatech.edu/commencement to obtain more information.

We highly encourage you to visit the bookstore to purchase graduation regalia approximately the fourth week of the term that you are graduating. Cap & gown information is also available at the GT Commencement website. Please be sure to check your graduation regalia before you leave the bookstore to make sure you have the correct regalia and that you have all pieces, including tassel.

To purchase graduation announcements visit the Balfour website at www.balfour.com.

6. When and where can I pick-up my honor cord?

Georgia Tech will provide honor cords for undergraduate students based on their previous semesterís cumulative GPA. Students are expected to pick up their honor cords at one of the following locations:

  • Monday, December 8 - Friday, December 12 - Office of the Registrar, Tech Tower, Suite 104
  • Friday, December 12 - President's Graduation Celebration, Student Center Ballroom (3-5pm)
  • Saturday, December 13 Ė Graduate Line-up Room, McCamish Pavilion

Graduates are permitted to wear additional items if given by officially sanctioned Georgia Tech honor societies or student organizations. You are responsible for obtaining from the student organization any honors accessories to which you are entitled.

Please note that the distribution of honor cords for commencement and the notation of tentative honors in the commencement program are based on whether the student meets the minimum number of hours (60) and the required minimum GPA for the three levels of honor at the time they enter their graduating term. In other words, honors at commencement are based on the hours accumulated and the GPA that exists at the beginning of the graduating term.

GPA Requirement with a minimum of 60 institutional credits earned:

  • 3.15 for HONOR (double white cords)
  • 3.35 for HIGH HONOR (double gold cords)
  • 3.55 for HIGHEST HONOR (double white and gold braided cords)

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrarís Office at comments@registrar.gatech.edu.

7. Where can I find the spring commencement participation policy and petition form for Summer 2015 Candidates?
Undergraduate and graduate students (MS candidates) who have two or fewer classes remaining to complete degree requirements after the spring 2015 term will be eligible to request participation in the spring 2015 ceremony. Undergraduates must have a 2.0 minimum GPA, and masterís students must have a 2.7 minimum GPA. Extenuating personal and family circumstances or issues related to the proximity of the studentís home to Atlanta will also be taken into consideration.

Doctoral students who are August 2015 degree candidates will be handled on a case-by-case basis depending upon when they are cleared by their major schools and the Office of Graduate Studies as having completed all of their degree requirements. Doctoral students must have a 3.0 minimum GPA to apply.

Summer 2015 graduates who do not meet these requirements will still have the option to participate in the fall commencement ceremony in December 11 and 12, 2015. Fall commencement ceremony information will be communicated to all summer 2015 degree candidates next July.

The form to request permission to participate in the spring commencement ceremony will be sent via email to all summer degree candidates who applied during the new application window from January 17 Ė February 28, 2015. Students who petitioned to graduate in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015, but who did not do so, will be invited to reapply for Summer 2015 graduation, as well as file the request form to walk in the Spring 2015 Commencement ceremony. The request form will be available on the Registrar and Commencement websites from February 28 to March 11, 2015. The Office of the Registrar will process the request forms and communicate directly with the students.

Due to space constraints, the number of summer degree candidates who can participate will be limited. In the event that we have more applicants than available tickets, Registrarís Office staff will review the forms and select which students are allowed to participate based on the extenuating circumstances provided on the request form. Consultation with other offices on campus will occur as needed to ensure that all requests are given full and consistent consideration. Summer degree candidates will be notified prior to ticket distribution whether their request will be granted.

Concentration Selection

1. Do I have to have my concentration selected before submitting an OAG?

Yes, you should submit your concentration as soon as you know which concentration you are pursuing, and definitely prior to applying for graduation. Always speak with your advisor prior to selection.

2. How do I select my concentration?

Students must select their concentration within OSCAR. More information can be found on the DegreeWorks main website: www.degreeworks.gatech.edu/images/training/concentration_mgt.pdf

Minors & Degree Designators

1. I'm also pursuing a minor. Do I have to officially declare my minor?

Yes, in order to submit your OAG including your minor, you will need to officially declare your minor. Forms can be found here: www.registrar.gatech.edu/students/formlanding/changeminor.php

2. How will my minor be evaluated?

All undergraduate students pursuing a minor will need to submit a minor program of study form to the Office of the Registrar. Forms can be located here: www.catalog.gatech.edu/academics/minors.php


1. I have more than one program I'm applying for. Do I have to submit more than one OAG?

Yes, a separate OAG is needed for each program you are applying to graduate in.

2. My curriculum is incorrect on the OAG screen. What do I do?
Stop immediately.

Do NOT proceed if your curriculum is incorrect. Instead, please contact dc@lists.gatech.edu for assistance.

3. I need to reapply for a given semester. Can I submit my reapplication during the "new" window?
No. Reapplications can only be submitted during the reapplication windows for a given semester. You will not be able to submit one during the new window.
4. Where can I find more information about the Online Application for Graduation (OAG) including my current status?
More information about the OAG, including details prior to and after applying to graduate can be found here: http://www.registrar.gatech.edu/students/deginfo/oag.php

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