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Tuesday, November 21st 2017
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Veterans Services at Georgia Tech is not a division of the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), but part of the Office of the Registrar, located in Room 104 of the Tech Tower. It serves as a liaison between Georgia Tech veteran students and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our primary purposes are to assist veteran students with the processing of VA forms for educational benefits, to advise veteran students about certain procedural requirements, and to certify enrollment of Georgia Tech veteran students to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Web site:

1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551)

8 am- 8 pm EST (Monday-Friday)

Online query:

VA Regional Office

Department of Veterans Affairs
Atlanta Regional Office
PO Box 100026
Decatur, GA 30031-7026


GT School Certifying Official (SCO)

Gena Snead
GT Veterans Benefits Coordinator



Office Location:
Room 104, Tech Tower

Office Hours:
8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday


Fall 17

GT Veterans Benefits Coordinator

August 28- Fee Payment Deadline

Fall 17

GT Veterans Benefits Coordinator

August 21- 1st day of classes

Summer & Fall 17 Registration

GT Veterans Benefits Coordinator

Registration for Current students will be from March 27- May 19. This is Phase I registration for Fall 2017

Summer 17

GT Veterans Benefits Coordinator

May 22- Returning Students - Deadline to avoid class cancellation by 4:00pm Eastern Time. Incoming Summer Freshman Students see Late Summer Session calendar.

Summer 17

GT Veterans Benefits Coordinator

May 19- Last day to register, make schedule changes and/or drop courses without a "W" grade for Early Short Summer, Late Short Summer, and Full Summer Session by 4:00pm Eastern Time. No changes to/from audit mode permitted after the registration deadline

Fall 17


Fall 17


Summer & Fall 17 Registration


Summer 17


Summer 17


Starting Benefits

To start using GI Bill education benefits, you must already be formally admitted to Georgia Institute of Technology. If you are a prospective student and need information about applying to Georgia Institute of Technology, please see the Undergraduate Admissions Office web site. Individuals wanting to utilize GI Bill education benefits are admitted by the same standards as regular students. If you haven't already applied to use GI Bill education benefits, please plan on applying at least two months before the start of your first term at Georgia Tech.

  • First time GI Bill Applicant

    • I have already applied for GI Bill Education Benefits

      Once a student applies for education benefits, the DVA sends a certificate of eligibility (COE) letter stating the type of benefit awarded and the terms of eligibility under that benefit. A copy of the COE letter must be submitted to Eugenia Snead, school certifying official (SCO) via fax (404-894-0167) or e-mail (veterans@registrar.gatech.edu).

    • I need to apply for GI Bill Benefits
      • I am the veteran

        Veterans attending Georgia Tech must Apply for Benefits at the GI Bill web site. Once a student applies for education benefits, the DVA sends a certificate of eligibility (COE) letter stating the type of benefit awarded and the terms of eligibility under that benefit. A copy of the COE letter must be submitted to Eugenia Snead, school certifying official (SCO) via fax (404-894-0167) or e-mail (veterans@registrar.gatech.edu).

      • I am the dependent/spouse of the veteran

        A veteran may transfer Ch 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to a family member with the approval of the DoD. Information regarding transfer of benefits can be found here. Once the DoD approves transfer of benefits, the family member must submit form 22-1990e (Application for Family Member to Use Transferred Benefits) online or by mailing the printable form.

        Once the family member applies for education benefits, the DVA sends a certificate of eligibility (COE) letter stating the type of benefit awarded and the terms of eligibility under that benefit. A copy of the COE letter must be submitted to Eugenia Snead, school certifying official (SCO) via fax (404-894-0167) or e-mail (veterans@registrar.gatech.edu).

  • Transferring GI Bill to Georgia Tech

    Students who have used GI Bill education benefits at another college or university must fill out form 22-1995 (Request for Change of Program or Place of Training). The form may be submitted online or the printable form can be mailed to the VA regional office in Atlanta.

    A copy of the completed 22-1995 and a copy of the certificate of eligibility letter must be submitted to Eugenia Snead, school certifying official (SCO) via fax (404-894-0167) or e-mail (veterans@registrar.gatech.edu).

  • Signing up for Yellow Ribbon

    Formally admitted students who are eligible and who have already sent a copy of their certificate of eligibility (COE) letter to the SCO may be added to either the Yellow Ribbon participant list or the waiting list. Yellow Ribbon is given on a first come, first serve basis. If all 40 participant slots are taken when a student completes the participation request form the student will be placed on a waitlist until a slot becomes available.

    The participation request form is submitted only one time, and once a student is given a participant slot for Yellow Ribbon, he is eligible to receive it until he exhausts his Ch 33 benefits, graduates, or stops attending Georgia Tech (loses registration eligibility from absence.

Types of Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs administers a variety of education benefit programs. Many Veterans and active duty personnel can qualify for educational benefits. Currently, Georgia Tech participates in the following programs:

  • Chapter 33 - The Post-9/11 GI Bill
    • *Yellow Ribbon
  • Chapter 30 - Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty (MGIB-AD)
  • Chapter 35 - Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance Program (DEA)
  • 1606 - Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)
  • 1607 - Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)
  • Chapter 31 - Vocational rehabilitation program

Certification Process

The school certifying official (SCO) releases an email to notify VA students that initial enrollment certifications will be submitted 45 days before the start of the academic term. At this time, students may ask any questions or request to not be certified. Submitting the initial enrollment certification 45 days prior to the start of the semester ensures that students' first monthly stipend will be issued on time.

For students under Ch 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill/Yellow Ribbon, this is the first of two certifications. The first certification reports a student's enrollment for his/her monthly stipend. The second certification reports tuition and mandatory student fees (and Yellow Ribbon funding if applicable) after Phase II registration ends.

The Bursar's Office places a deferral on each Ch 33 student's account for the amount expected from the VA. This deferral prevents the assessment of late fees or schedule cancellation due to the pending tuition/fee balance. Students should make plans to pay whatever balance is not covered by Ch 33 (housing, parking, meal plan, etc.) by the regular payment deadlines.

Student Responsibilities

Veteran students at Georgia Tech have ongoing responsibilities to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The DVA and the Veterans Services office at Georgia Tech closely monitor each veteran student's enrollment status and academic program. The student's entitlement is based upon the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled, and any changes in academic program. To ensure that a student's enrollment is certified to the VA accurately, please abide by the following requirements:

  • Check the Georgia Tech veterans web page for current news
  • Read notification emails sent to students from school certifying official (SCO)
  • Email SCO if adjustments are made to class schedule during Phase II registration
  • Email SCO if adjustments need to be made to schedule after Phase II registration ends
  • Email SCO if changing address or academic major

Frequently Used Forms

Many of the VA forms can be submitted online. Below are the most frequently used printable forms. All other printable forms may be found at the Main VA Forms web site. Printable forms should be mailed to the VA regional office in Atlanta.


1. Why is the BAH not the amount I expected to receive?
Your BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) is calculated based on Georgia Techís zip code, 30332 and your rate of pursuit. For the specific amount you are entitled to, you will need to contact the VA directly (1-888-442-4551).
2. I receive Ch 33 benefits, when will my tuition/fees be paid?
Tuition and fees are reported to the VA after Phase II registration. Payment is expected approximately six to eight weeks after the beginning of the term. If there is some sort of delay, the SCO will notify all VA students so they may plan accordingly.
3. Do I need to pay tuition/fees upfront and then wait to be reimbursed by the VA?
Ch 33 students do not need to pay for tuition/fees upfront in lieu of VA funds arriving. The Bursarís Office places a deferral on each studentís account for the amount expected from the VA to prevent late fee assessment or schedule cancellation. For all other GI Bill benefits, the monthly stipend is considered supplementary funding, and tuition/fees must be paid by the Bursarís Office deadlines.
4. When I contacted the VA school certifying official, I found out I hadnít been certified yet. Why wasnít I certified earlier?
The list of students to be certified is gathered from all the VA students who are registered for the upcoming term. This is done about 45 days before the term begins, shortly after Phase I registration. If you did not register for at least one class during Phase I registration, we would not know you needed to be certified. Be sure to check your email for notifications from the VA certifying official. If you donít plan on registering till Phase II registration, send an email to inform the VA certifying official when youíve finalized your schedule.
5. How do I withdraw from my classes with a VA hold on my registration?
Email the SCO that you would like to withdraw from a class(es), providing the course information and computer number of each class youíd like to be withdrawn from. The SCO will withdraw the course on your schedule and adjust your VA certification accordingly. Make sure to email the SCO by drop/university withdrawal deadlines. Late drops requests will not be accepted.
6. I am changing my address, my major, or adjusting my schedule, why do I need to contact the school certifying official (SCO)?
Notifying the SCO of address, major, or schedule changes ensures that your record with the VA stays up-to-date. By changing information such as your address or your major on your student record, it does not automatically update this information on your record with the VA. For adjustments to your student record, your SCO may require you to fill out a form to submit the VA or may need to update your enrollment certification for that current term.
7. Why does the VA pay my tuition/fees so late?
Once Phase II registration ends, the Bursarís and Financial Aid offices must calculate the tuition and fees to report to the VA for each Ch 33 student. The SCO then reports tuition/fees for the VA to release. Because the process takes several weeks past the tuition/fee deadline, the Bursarís Office places deferrals on each student account in anticipation of the VA issuing payment directly to Georgia Tech.
8. Iíve been receiving notices from the Bursarís Office that I have a balance due, even though my tuition/fees should be paid by my Ch 33 benefits. What do I need to do?
E-mail the SCO to verify the status of your account. You may have been automatically been emailed because of a pending balance on your student account.
9. I am a Yellow Ribbon student, but why did I not receive funding this semester?
Yellow Ribbon funding can only be given up to two semesters each academic year. If youíve already received YR funding for two semesters, the third semester, you are only entitled to regular Ch 33 benefits.
10. Will my class schedule be canceled if the Ch 33 doesnít pay tuition/fees by the payment deadline?
No, the Bursarís Office places a deferral on your student account for the amount expected for tuition/fees. This deferral prevents you from having your schedule cancelled. You will need to make plans to pay upfront for any balance in your student account not covered by Ch 33.
11. I am a prospective Georgia Tech student, how does being a veteran affect how I am admitted to the institute?
All veteran students are admitted to Georgia Tech by the same standards as regular students.


1. If I withdraw from classes, will I owe money back to the VA?
You may owe money back to the VA if your tuition and fee assessment for the reduced hours is less than what the VA originally paid. Student's who are using the Post-9/11 G.I Bill may also be responsible for the reimbursement of the book stipend.

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